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Mojo Instrument Cable - 6m


  • 1 x Right Angle Connector | 1 x Straight Jack Connector

  • Tour Grade Van Damme Cable

  • Low Capacitance (No Signal Loss)

  • Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper

  • Dual Screened Shielding for Low Noise and High Flexibility

  • Rean Connectors Manufactured by Neutrik Group (Liechtenstein).

  • Hand Soldered using 60/40 Rosin Core alloy.

  • Non-conductive RTV Silicone Sealed Connection providing secure and flexible protection against heavy use.

  • Stabilised using high dielectric strength polyolefin heat shrink for excellent physical performance.

  • Velcro Branded cable ties (because the little things matter).

6m | Right Angle Connector

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